Welcome to my website, my name is Mike Deedigan.

“I am a very successful Business Operator, holding senior positions at some of the top companies across the UK. Please navigate through my site and learn how all my knowledge and skill can be of assistance to your company”

Mission Statement

“To provide Business Solutions at a cost effective price, this will be achieved through understanding the needs, expectations and concerns of clients through analysing, developing and delivering comprehensive solutions on time, in a clear logical manner.”

Business Consultants/Coaches work with business owners to improve their Company’s performance by analysing their current issues and developing a plan or campaign to improve their current conditions. Business Consulting/Coaching is also important near the launch of a new company because an experienced professional can provide a tried and tested formula and the owner can gain insight on the best practices and what doesn’t produce results, without learning the hard way.

Call Now on 0845 900 2128 (Calls charged at local rate from a landline)
Mobile: 07564 670 460
Email: mike@businessconsultantmd.co.uk


If you only need advice occasionally you can use my very cost effective Tele-advice service, contact me on 07564670460 or email mike@businessconsultantmd.co.uk for my competitive rates

“Mike is great at motivating people, he is collaborative and creative. Would thoroughly recommend him for getting a down at heel salesforce back on its toes.” Johnny Hustler Managing Director Archant

“I felt his strength lay in gaining support and buy in from colleagues and juniors during difficult times by consultation and collaboration” Donna Harvey-Arnell Advertisement Director.

“Extremely business savvy and commercially aware, Mike is able to jump straight to the crux of a situation and identify where and how to make it simpler/smoother/better”.
Rob Anderson General Manager.
There are more recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.

Please email mike@businessconsultantmd.co.uk or phone Mike on 07564670460 for further details.


There are many benefits of business and management consulting.

Business improvement is a result of my ability to solve client problems.

Prepare businesses to compete, succeed and grow now and in the future.

Increased sales.

Improved bottom lines.

Ability to compete effectively.

Stress reduction is a result of my ability to solve client problems.

Many specific benefits include a smoother more efficient operation.

A more effective and higher achieving sales team.

A management team that is prepared to compete and succeed in the future.

I provide business and management consulting that is designed to be as effective as possible.
My goal is to solve as many problems and make as many improvements as possible in the shortest period possible so the benefits can be realised quickly.

Business Consultant MD Ltd 'Helping your business compete and succeed now and in the future’
Why not see how I can help your business. Please contact mike@businessconsultantmd.co.uk


Is your business growing at an acceptable rate?

Would you like to add a sales resource?

Contact Mike now to find out how easy and cost effective it would be to add experienced sales people to your business.
mike@businessconsultantmd.co.uk 0845 9002128

If you are considering selling your business and you would like help and advice on securing the best price, call Mike now on 0845 9002128 or email mike@businessconsultantmd.co.uk for a FREE consultation.

Every Business needs sales to survive, however not every company have the skilled sales people to deliver sufficient sales to maintain and grow the business.
I have conducted training at all levels, for some of the top companies in the UK, producing millions of pounds for the companies that have employed me.
I will train your sales teams or managers to a very high level of competency. I will deliver sales training for Management, Tele or Field sales. This can be a 1-day training course or a number of days. You choose.

• Sales Leadership
• Sales Productivity Planning
• Negotiation Skills
• Presentation Skills
• Sales Coaching
• Customer Service
Call 0845 9002128 or Email mike@businessconsultantmd.co.uk for very competitive rates!

The top 5 advantages of using a consultant:
1. Consultants see situations that have gone unnoticed by regular staff.
2. Consultants upgrade the education and experience of your staff.
3. A consultant is specifically oriented toward producing results.
4. You pay only for the time you use them.
5. Gives you extra staff without permanent obligations.

A consultant could help your business in ways you never imagined.

Are you getting the best return on your marketing budget?

I have many years experience negotiating excellent advertising rates for my clients.

The good news is it does not cost you a penny!
Here is how it works
If you are paying £150 for a quarter page, per week, I will negotiate a better deal, and split the savings 50/50

New quarter page price £125 per week, you pay me £12.50p out of the savings.

Why not put me to the test!

Thinking about a career change?
How about a career in Sales?
No Sales Experience!
Intensive 2 week Sales Training Course.
If you would like to know more, email mike@businessconsultantmd.co.uk
Alternatively, Call 0845 9002128 Now.

Are you paying too much for your Advertising?

Let me save you money.

No cost to you!

Find out how.

Email mike@businessconsultantsmd.co.uk or Call 0845 900 2128

If this is the year you decide to set up your own business, then avoid making costly mistakes, call me now for a Free consultation, and I will explain how my Experience, Knowledge and Skills can be a major factor in the success of your business.

" BCMD,Experience, Knowledge and Skills you can afford"