I have a variety of charges to meet your budgets.

Hourly Rate

This is normally for Telephone Coaching, dealing with outside agencies on behalf of the Client. Writing to suppliers on behalf of the client. ½ day coaching sessions at the client’s premises. (The hourly rate is for 1 hour or there part of IE 1 hour 45 minutes would be charged at 2 Hours)

Daily Rate

1 day = 8 hours (Any additional hours will be charged at the hourly rate)

Weekly Rate

A week is 5 days Monday to Friday.

Saturday and Sunday Rates

This will be 1 and ½ times the Hourly rate up to 8 Hours and then double the hourly rate thereafter.

By Project

It shows the client a clear fixed cost, which is very helpful for budgeting purposes. We will discuss all aspects of the project and agree a fair price for my services.

Monthly Retainer

This allows the client access to ongoing support after the original project phase. We would agree an amount of hours at a set price for example;
A career coach offering as-needed calls and e-mails in between sessions; a virtual assistant providing on-call customer service for a small business.

Call Now on 0845 900 2128 (Calls charged at local rate from a landline)
Mobile: 07564 670 460
Email: mike@businessconsultantmd.co.uk