What is the role of Customer/Client?

The role of a Customer/Client is to be willing to change their approach to business and be open to reinventing themselves and their current belief system. The Customer/Client must be committed not only to change but also to learning and growth. The Customer/Client will recognise the value of your level of experience, quality and record of accomplishment.

I was guilty as a young man of trying to do everything myself, I did not need help, I was very clever! I then started working for some of the top companies in the UK, one of which was Virgin.

I quickly discovered one of the secrets of Richard Branson’s success, he surrounded himself with people who had very good business Knowledge and Experience, which in itself shows how brilliant he is, he was not stubborn or arrogant to the degree where he would not let anyone help him in his journey to become one of the most successful business men in the world.

I found this way of thinking, was present in most of the successful business leaders, the ability to allow other people with knowledge and skill to contribute on their journey to the top.

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